Our candidates about us

Goran Maricheski

The training was organized on a very professional level and I think that these kind of training is the future for our country and the young people. Once arrived in Germany a representative of the employer, who is also а Macedonian, welcomed and helped us with opening of our bank accounts. He showed us the house where we are accommodated and that was renovated before our arrival. There are two persons in each room and the house is fully equipped with new furniture. The next day we had a meeting with the management of the employer and we received our working uniforms. I still don’t believe how nice we were welcomed. I thank CSO and all trainers who are part of this project.

Aleksandar Shoposki

I am very thankful that we have been given such a chance for a future in Germany. I am very satisfied of our trainer. We thank him for his efforts and engagement.

Dushko Boshevski

I liked the training for scaffolding installation and dismantling very much and it was conducted on a very professional level from the company CSO under the lead of the instructor from Germany. I was very impressed of the safety level and the team work.

Jovan Stojkoski

I am very satisfied with the training which is organized by CSO and I am sure that the German employers will also be satisfied with us.

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